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In the heart of Kansas City, at The Everly, Bayley and Stephen orchestrated a wedding that was not just a celebration of love, but a meticulously planned masterpiece. Today, I’m unveiling the delicate details that transformed their special day into a symphony of timeless love and modern elegance. Details are my FAVORITE to capture, so this is a fun one for me! 😉

Curating the Perfect Wedding Details

Bayley and Stephen poured their hearts and souls into crafting a wedding that echoed their unique love story. Each detail carried a piece of their personality, from the black and white traditional wedding invitations to a white bridal bouquet, the stage was set for an unforgettable day. It was a tapestry of personal touches, each one carefully chosen to reflect their love story.

Creating the Perfect Flat Lay

In the world of wedding photography, flat lays have taken center stage. It’s the perfect way to capture little details that you don’t want to forget once the day is over. I recommend that brides put everything in a box before the day begins that they want to be a part of their flat lay! This includes invitations, rings, flowers, shoes, perfume, gloves, veil, and anything that’s special to you. I carefully arrange everything that reflected the couple’s taste and style.

Your Venue IS Your Decor

The Everly, with its modern charm and dreamy ambiance, provided the perfect backdrop for Bayley and Stephen’s wedding day to unfold. From the natural lighting created in the venue’s design to the soft glow of the string lights, every element enhanced the aesthetic, creating a canvas for capturing exquisite details that would be cherished forever.

Details Reflecting YOUR Personal Touches

Bayley and Stephen embraced modern elements that added a contemporary flair to their wedding details. Through the lens, we explored the play of light, angles, and composition, creating captivating images that highlighted the sophistication and trendiness of their choices. It was a celebration of the present, infused with a timeless touch.

Documentary Wedding Photography

In addition to capturing the tangible details of the day, I also love focusing on MOMENTS. Catching the romantic moments, candid and not staged, show intimate moments that spoke volumes about Bayley and Stephen’s love. From stolen glances, subtle gestures, and creative angles, each frame conveys the depth of their connection and importance of their wedding day. These details not only added a layer of emotion to the narrative but also immortalized the pure romance that filled the air.

In Conclusion

Photographers: I want to invite you to immerse yourself in creativity. Explore the intricacies, draw inspiration, and appreciate the art of capturing love in the moment.

Brides: I hope this glimpse into Bayley and Stephen’s meticulously planned day sparks ideas for your own celebration. Don’t forget to make your details true to you: everything you love and adore, and I will capture them so that you have them forever!

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CatereringBlue Pot | Cake: Kate Smith Soiree | Dress: True Society: Essence of Australia | Florist: Wild Hill | Video: Foundation Film Co. | VenueThe Everly | DJIcon Events | Photo: Photo KC | PlanningComposure Events | Hair + MakeupBronzed & Blushed 

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