I am SO glad you’re here, looking to grow and learn and level UP in your business. Let’s get straight to it, shall we? 

This job is the absolute bee’s knees. We get to be there for people’s biggest and sweetest moments, and build genuine friendships along the way. THAT is what drew me into this art- the connectedness. The passion. The rawness and realness. That’s what makes our images so beautiful, isn’t it?

HOWEVER- the process of building a successful photography business depends on countless other facets: marketing, workflow, posing, lighting, attracting/booking clients, consistency, branding, goal setting, and so many others.

I’ve spent 10+ years behind my camera, all the while learning effective business tactics, shooting for hundreds of clients and brands, and quitting my day job to pursue what I love full time! In that first year all in, I booked six-figures worth of projects within 9 months. Do I know it all? Nope. Do I have tons of knowledge and experience to share? Sure do!

I’m an open book, y’all. I just L O V E what I do, and would love nothing more than to help create success and growth for YOU. 

xoxo, tay

let’s grow.

mentor sessions w/ taylor


This is a customizable, Q&A style, 2 hour session to cover whatever you want to know! We’ll meet up at the cutest local coffee shop (KC area) or over FaceTime for my out-of-towners.
Ask away, friend! 

You choose what you’d like us to focus on! Topics typically covered in these sessions include (not limited to):

+ finding your niche & style
+ constructive criticism on website/materials
+ pricing and contracts
+ lightroom editing 
+ emails & client interaction
+ camera basics
+ dreaming & goal setting

coffee & collab

$350 solo // $550 duo

This is the all-encompassing 3-5 hour session that will cover alllll the things- hands on learning, direct feedback and practice, q&a time, and a built in branding/headshot session! 

Includes a styled shoot with a couple/family/individual (whatever you’d like to focus on most). We’ll take turns shooting so that you can see how I shoot, pose and direct, and I’ll help you with questions as you shoot and give helpful feedback + suggestions! 

Afterwards, we’ll go grab coffee/drinks/a bite to eat while we talk through everything you want support in. 

This package also includes a mini branding/headshot session for you, friend! New content? Yes PLEASE!

You choose what you’d like us to focus on! Topics typically covered in these sessions include (not limited to):

+ Everything listed above in COFFEE & COLLAB session
+ Work and website critique
+ Hands on learning during styled shoot (finding great lighting anywhere, posing and directing, connecting with clients, etc)
+ Workflow efficiency
+ Emails, contracts, materials
+ Marketing & advertising
+ IG tips and tricks
+ Editing feedback (edit images from session together!)
+ Q&A (ask me anything)

the full intensive

most popular!

$800 solo // $1400 duo