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Summer’s Most Romantic KC Wedding

Alexis and Austin’s wedding day at The Oliver in Downtown Kansas City was a remarkable celebration of love, joy, and family. From touching serenades to the surprise tributes to the love in Austin’s eyes toward his bride, every moment was captured through my camera lens. The memories created will be cherished by Alexis and Austin and their families for years to come, and it was an honor to be part of such a magical day. Read about their wedding day below to really get a complete picture of the special little moments, intimate family conversations, and a huge party to celebrate the newlyweds. 

Getting Ready for the Ceremony

As the sun rose over Kansas City, the wedding day began with anticipation and excitement. Alexis and her bridesmaids gathered in a cozy suite at The Oliver, laughter filling the air as they shared memories and prepared for the magical day ahead. Meanwhile, Austin and his groomsmen embraced the energy of the morning, sharing stories and raising toasts to their lifelong friendship.

The afternoon brought with it a wave of emotions as Alexis stepped into her exquisite gown. To honor her late sister, there was a sentimental surprise on Alexis’s bouquet, which was a touching and emotional moment. Time seemed to stand still as her father entered the room, eyes filled with love and pride. When Austin met with his mom after getting ready that afternoon, his mom wiped away his tears, showing the love and support she had for her son on his wedding day.

The First Look

The moment arrived for Austin to see his bride. The doors opened, and there stood Alexis, a vision of beauty. Austin’s breath caught in his chest as he laid eyes on his bride. Throughout the day, his gaze rarely left her, a testament to the deep connection they shared. With every stolen glance and tender touch, their love radiated, filling the room with an undeniable warmth.

A Special Surprise for Wedding Guests

After a sentimental, sweet ceremony and as the sun dipped below the horizon, guests were greeted by a shot of tequila and a slice of lime at their seat—a playful and unexpected addition that instantly sparked laughter and a sense of camaraderie. The clinking of glasses echoed through the room, setting the tone for an evening filled with celebration and joy.

As the guests settled into their seats for dinner, the room buzzed with anticipation. Suddenly, the soulful melodies of a mariachi band filled the air, weaving a tapestry of vibrant sounds. The lively tunes transported everyone to a different time and place, creating an atmosphere of celebration and cultural appreciation. The music became the heartbeat of the night, inspiring smiles and toe-tapping throughout the room. Unable to contain their happiness, guests were found swaying in line for the buffet. 

The Soul-Filled Reception

The music started, and as they took to the dance floor, Alexis’ father serenaded his daughter with a beautiful Spanish ballad, his voice resonating with love and tenderness. The notes intertwined with their dance, creating a moment that would forever be etched in their hearts. The love and pride in his eyes were evident as he sang to his little girl.

The night embraced the couple’s desire to honor the legacy of love. Alexis and Austin took to the dance floor, swaying to the very same song that had accompanied Austin’s grandparents over 65 years ago during their first dance. The room was captivated by their grace and devotion, a testament to the timeless power of love that transcends generations.

YOUR Wedding Day:

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Dessert: Panadería De Las Americas | Caterer: Brancatos | Venue: The Oliver Building | Dress: Bride KC | Florist: Floriography | Hair: Qynnetenssials | Makeup: Kevyn Clanton | DJ: Fernando Productions | Photo: Photo KC | Videographer: KG Productions | Planning: The Perfect Touch KC | Guestbook: After the Tone 

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