PHOTO KC // EST. 2018

Hey there- I’m so glad you’re here!

It’s an easy assumption that you’re on the search for a photographer, so let me save you a little time and tell you what sets me apart:

I’m a photographer that specializes in portraits, lifestyle and branding.

To me, photography is personal. It’s intimate, either between the ones you love or showcasing a vision that you’ve put everything into. As your photographer, I make it my mission to deeply understand your connections so that I can capture it all within your images.


show you and yours naturally and authentically? will serve as heirlooms and be treasured always? or showcase your brand or product?
  • L O V E D working on this special project with my gal @rachelnmsparkle ✨🌈 Keep an eye out for something big from her here in a few days! This girl is making her dreams 👏🏼 come 👏🏼 true 👏🏼 and it is SO inspiring.
  • Been cozied up in a coffee shop for about 4 hours and feeling all sorts of productive: caught up on inquiries, emails, and best yet... my #kcladygang gals, the event photo gallery is LIVE! 🙌🏼 Obsessing over each of them and each of you. Alumni meet-up coming SO soon, ladies!
  • OOH BABY am I digging this non-traditional maternity shot! @crowncitystyle, you and that bump just can’t take a bad photo.
  • Played a game of charades through the window to get this window shot of queen @ginaotool 👑
  • @ldunbar89 , you’re one bada$$ babe 🔥
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