PHOTO KC // EST. 2018

Hey there- I’m so glad you’re here!

It’s an easy assumption that you’re on the search for a photographer, so let me save you a little time and tell you what sets me apart:

I’m a photographer that specializes in portraits, lifestyle and branding.

To me, photography is personal. It’s intimate, either between the ones you love or showcasing a vision that you’ve put everything into. As your photographer, I make it my mission to deeply understand your connections so that I can capture it all within your images.


show you and yours naturally and authentically? will serve as heirlooms and be treasured always? or showcase your brand or product?
  • My fave part of family sessions are the facial expressions from the littles. 😛 and 🥺 were little G’s go to’s- more of this cuteness to come!
  • Getting a little warm and moody on these edits and I’m d i g g i n g it ‼️What do you think?
Also can we just take a sec and acknowledge how CAH-UTE my clients all are?! 😫 I can’t deal.
  • 1️⃣ YEAR. .
One year of Photo KC. One year ago I  decided it was time to turn my hobby and passion into business. I jumped in not quite sure what I was doing (don’t we all?) but knew I could learn everything I needed with a little courage and a LOT of hustle. For me, this meant late nights editing, researching, practicing on anyone who would let me. Teaching all day and shooting/editing all night and weekend. I haven’t stopped, you guys. .
This year has been the most humbling, shaping, thrilling, motivating. I’ve learned SO much more than I ever expected to, and through this, have had the chance to serve so many in the best way I know how. I simply cannot believe the ways this little biz has grown and the opportunities I’ve had. Dreams DO come true, y’all!! And you guys helped that happen for me- honestly can’t thank you enough for believing in me. .
Year 2️⃣, I’m comin’ for ya!!!
  • You make my heart go vroom vroom 🏍💨
  • How I currently feel, counting down the MINUTES until the 4th 🙃🎇 We’re headed back to Wichita to spend it with family who loves this holiday even more than I do (guys- can’t wait to show you). What are you doing over the 4th??
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